jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2016

Description of the house

Description of the house

My house has a kitchen, two bathrooms, three living rooms, a dining room, a yard and a terrace.

There isn´t a TV in any bedroom. Is there a fridge? Yes, there is a fridge in the kitchen.
There is three beds in the house.
There is  a plasma TV in the living room.
There isn´t stairs on the second floor.
Is there a sofa in the dining room? No,the sofa is in the living room.
There is a microwave in the kitchen.
There is a table and four chairs in the terrace.
Is there a cupboard in the terrace? No, there isn´t
There is a desk in my bedroom.
Is there a bathtub? Yes, there are two in the bathrooms.
There is a sink in my house.
There isn´t a bath in the upstairs bathroom.

If you are interested in the house call : 190-0661-3212

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