lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018

A personal interwiew

A personal interview

A: Hi John!
B: Hi Peter, how are you?
A: I’m fine, can I ask you some questions about my homework?
B: Of course!
A: Ok, let’s start. What’s your name?
B: My name is John Smith.
A: Good name, how old are you?
B: I’m 31 years old.
A: Do you practise any sport?
B: Yes, I like playing football.
A: Do you? So do I. Do you have any other hobby?
B: Yes, I like cooking.
A: Do you? I don’t. How often do you cook.
B: I usually cook everyday, but sometimes, I eat in a restaurant.
A: Do you have any children?
B: Yes, I have 1 son and 1 daughter.
A: Really? I don’t. And to finish, what do you do?
B: I’m a firefighter.
A: Are you? So is my uncle. Thank you very much!

sábado, 3 de febrero de 2018

My favourite and hated holidays


Cap Ferret:
Cap Ferret is a peaceful place in France. It´s as  interesting as Mauritius. Here, you can do anything that you want, swim in the beach, go to the disco, relax in the hotel, practise sports, or many more things. Places like this are the ones that I like to go.This place is more relaxing than Mauritrius, It´s less crowded, and, it´s moree funny. This is an incredible place!

Mauritius is an island in Africa. This is a very special island, because on this island  you can do many things like surfing or go diving, but you must be careful, because it isn´t as safe as Cap Ferret, there, the weather is horrible, there are terrible storms and it can be dangerous. I don´t like places like this, I like peaceful and relaxing places to stay.

jueves, 4 de enero de 2018

Christmas night

Christmas Night

On Christmas Eve I usually have dinner in my house, with my parents, my sister and my grandmother. We usually eat prawns, ham, cheese, canapes, etc. I receive gifts on christmas eve and on the three wise men eve, I usually have a videogame and something else , like a michrophone or a figure.

My Mobile Phone

My Mobile Phone

 I had got my first mobile phone 3 years ago, to go on a study trip, the first one didn´t cost much, but the one now cost around €200. I used it a lot of hours a day, whether to search for information, to use social networks or play video games. It does not weight much, it´s black and I bought it two mounths ago. I thionk it can become a very useful device, if used responsably, since it can make studies easier, it´s useful to comunicate with distant people and it´s useful to have fun.



miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

Talking about activities

Talking about activities

Dialogue 1:
A:Hello, Peter. I´m your new teacher.
B:Hello, nice to meet you
A:Ok, Peter . Tell me about you, What´s your favourite subject?
B:It´s music. I love playing instruments
A:Good! Tell me about other subjects. Are you good at maths?
B: Yes, I like them very much!
A:And Spanish?
B: I hate it! It´s very boring.
A:Ok. are you good at languajes? Do you like English or French?
B:Yes, I like English, but I hate French.
A:Well, and to finish, do you like science?
B:Yes, I like geography and physics.

Dialogue 2:
A:Welcome to the interwiew. Let´s start. Why do you want to be recepcionist at this hotel?
B:Because I need some money, and I saw the advert. Then I called and I thought it was a great offer.
A:Tell me about you . Do you do any sport?
B:Yes, I play basketball, and sometimes I go to the swimming pool.
A:Do you like reading?
B:No, I hate it, It´s too boring.
A:Do you speak any languages?
B:Yes, I do. I speak English, French and German.
A:And, are you good at maths?
B:Yes, I´m very good.
A:Ok, you are perfect for this job!

domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017

A Photo Description

A photo description

Hi, Peter!
Look at the photo that is in the envelope, do you like it?
It isn´t very old, it´s from my holidays in Madrid of the last year.
In the photo I am on a very high mountain, it was very difficult to
reach the top , but it was worth it , because the views were amazing, you could see a lot of green forests, in the middle there was a very beautiful lake, Madrid looked very nice from the top, but also gave a bit scary looking under you.
So it was a wonderful and funny holidays .I hope you had a
good summer too.
Write soon

martes, 7 de marzo de 2017

The Bus Station

The Bus Station

Dialogue 1

A:Can I help you?
B:Yes, please. I´d like to go to Brighton. Which bus do I take?
A:Bus 323 goes to Brighton
B:How often does the bus run?
A:Once a day
B:I see, When´s the next bus?
A:In twenty minutes
B:How much does a ticket cost?
A:It´s  £12. Would you like a ticket?
B:Yes, please. Where´s the next bus stop?
A:It´s near here. Go straight ahead and turn left.

Dialogue 2

A:Can I help you?
B:Yes, please. I´d like to go to Reading.Which bus do I take?
A:Bus 221 goes to Reading
B:How often does the bus run?
A:Every hour
B:I see. When´s the next bus?Would you like a ticket?
A:In forty minutes
B:How long is the trip?
A:It´s two hours
B:When does the bus run?
A:At half past nine?
B:Ok.How much does a ticket cost?
A:It´s £13, Would you like a ticket?
B:Yes, please. Where´s the bus stop?
A:It´s straight ahead, turn right, go straight ahead and turn left.
B:Ok, thanks