jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

Dialogues Unit 3

1.Junk Food:

A:How often do you eat junk food?
B:I eat junk food three times a week
A:Really,I only eat junk food once a week.
A:Do you like junk food?
B:Yes, I like it
A: I can´t believe it! I love it, too


A: Do you like music?
B:Yes, I listen to it every day
A:Are you kidding?I also like it

A:What is your favourite type of music?
A:Are you kidding?I hate it!


A:What time do you practise sport?
B:Around one hour everyday
A:I practise sport two hours the weekend.

A:What´s your favourite sport?
B:My favourite sport is basketball
A:Really?I like basketball, too

4.The Internet

A:Do you visit Albert´s site everyday?
B:No, I don´t like visiting it everyday, Its boring!
A: I can´t believe it! I visit it everyday because it´s very useful.

A:Do you have Internet in your house?
B:Yes, I have. I use it everyday
A:Are you kidding?I don´t use Internet at all

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