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Talking about activities

Talking about activities

Dialogue 1:
A:Hello, Peter. I´m your new teacher.
B:Hello, nice to meet you
A:Ok, Peter . Tell me about you, What´s your favourite subject?
B:It´s music. I love playing instruments
A:Good! Tell me about other subjects. Are you good at maths?
B: Yes, I like them very much!
A:And Spanish?
B: I hate it! It´s very boring.
A:Ok. are you good at languajes? Do you like English or French?
B:Yes, I like English, but I hate French.
A:Well, and to finish, do you like science?
B:Yes, I like geography and physics.

Dialogue 2:
A:Welcome to the interwiew. Let´s start. Why do you want to be recepcionist at this hotel?
B:Because I need some money, and I saw the advert. Then I called and I thought it was a great offer.
A:Tell me about you . Do you do any sport?
B:Yes, I play basketball, and sometimes I go to the swimming pool.
A:Do you like reading?
B:No, I hate it, It´s too boring.
A:Do you speak any languages?
B:Yes, I do. I speak English, French and German.
A:And, are you good at maths?
B:Yes, I´m very good.
A:Ok, you are perfect for this job!

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