sábado, 3 de febrero de 2018

My favourite and hated holidays


Cap Ferret:
Cap Ferret is a peaceful place in France. It´s as  interesting as Mauritius. Here, you can do anything that you want, swim in the beach, go to the disco, relax in the hotel, practise sports, or many more things. Places like this are the ones that I like to go.This place is more relaxing than Mauritrius, It´s less crowded, and, it´s moree funny. This is an incredible place!

Mauritius is an island in Africa. This is a very special island, because on this island  you can do many things like surfing or go diving, but you must be careful, because it isn´t as safe as Cap Ferret, there, the weather is horrible, there are terrible storms and it can be dangerous. I don´t like places like this, I like peaceful and relaxing places to stay.

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